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Why kick back gifts and cash for solar?

What could a solar company offer you to sweeten the deal?  How about throwing in an iPad or cash gift for signing a lease contract? The Solar market out there is competitive.  And with competition comes sneaky marketing. Incentives like … Continue reading

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Out with Oil & Coal, in with Jobs & Clean Energy

Oil as a fuel source is dirty.  Coal, even dirtier.  Both are leading contributors to global warming, and pose major public health risks from asthma to mercury poisoning.  Nonetheless, oil and coal dominate our energy mix, with about half of … Continue reading

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Utilities Fade in the Sun

Back in 1880 a new company called AT&T grew out of the work of Alexander Graham Bell. For almost 100 years it maintained a monopoly over telephonic communication lines until the federal government used antitrust laws to break up AT&T. … Continue reading

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