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Oil as a fuel source is dirty.  Coal, even dirtier.  Both are leading contributors to global warming, and pose major public health risks from asthma to mercury poisoning.  Nonetheless, oil and coal dominate our energy mix, with about half of all electricity consumed coming from coal-powered plants.  Like lead-based paint and driving without seatbelts, it’s time we add dirty energy to the laundry list of American bad habits of the past.Today, an ideological battle plays out on the campaign trail as “drill, baby, drill” Republican hopefuls claim forward looking energy policy kill jobs and raise fuel prices.  Though politically convenient, it’s a lie.  In a New York Times Op-Ed, Krugman highlights a simple yet key point: domestic oil production has little to no impact on the price of oil, an internationalcommodity subject to worldly influences such as the explosive demand for crude in China.Meanwhile, the EPA released proposed legislation that would effectively eliminate development of new coal plants by placing unreachable emission requirements on power plants.  Implementing the policy would mean demand for electricity would have to be powered by low emitting sources, such a solar and wind, leading to new jobs as these industries grow.The fight over America’s energy future is this: business as usual vs. innovation, job creation, and safe, clean energy sources.  We must move away from policies destructive to public health and the environment (i.e. policies fostering oil, coal, and now fracking).  Alternatives are available in solar and wind.  Let’s not drag our feet in adopting these as our energy mainstays.