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What could a solar company offer you to sweeten the deal?  How about throwing in an iPad or cash gift for signing a lease contract?

The Solar market out there is competitive.  And with competition comes sneaky marketing.

Incentives like a free iPad or cash-back to seal the deal with some companies are commonplace.  Unfortunately, kick back incentives are illegal.  (If you’re the legal type, you can check out the facts: §7157(b).)

Why do these companies opt for shady promotions over traditional marketing campaigns?  Most are selling a financial lease product that makes money for investment bankers who have no concern for you or your home.

When solar marketers can’t distinguish their products from competitors with quality, they turn to kick backs.  Inferior Chinese panels that are being dumped on the market are cheap to buy, but have no track record.   Many of these installers cut corners during installation.  Who do you want making holes in your roof?

Quality is important in this industry.  Your system will be with you for 20+ years – that’s more than time than your kids expect to live under your roof.

Our recommendation – be an informed buyer.  Know the brand of panels that are going on your roof, know who is installing them, and what the method of installation is before anything is signed.  Read consumer review sites like Yelp, and ask lots of questions.

There is a reason we are an Elite SunPower Dealer – quality work, the most powerful solar panels and impeccable customer support.