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Combine solar permitting bureaucracy and a no nonsense Solar Forward employee, and the result is a frustrated (and illustrating) work of art.  See creation above.

Gaining a permit may be the most cumbersome step involved in solar.  As city departments acclimate to the ever-increasing demand for renewable energy, contractors and clients sit.  And wait.  And wait.

In some cities (cough Van Nuys, cough Calabasas) obtaining a permit to install solar can feel like a cruel game of pinball, bouncing from one hurdle to the next.  The diagram above depicts a recent Building & Safety Department adventure.

Three hours, eleven lines, one permit.  I’d rather deal with the DMV.

We all know “time is money”.  Are you familiar with this one, “wasted time is wasted money”?

This is not a meaningless gripe.  Attention must be given to these issues if we hope to see the solar industry and government work symbiotically.  When this happens, we will see more efficient, cost-effective, and greener cities.