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Back in 1880 a new company called AT&T grew out of the work of Alexander Graham Bell. For almost 100 years it maintained a monopoly over telephonic communication lines until the federal government used antitrust laws to break up AT&T. Technology matured and new telephone companies were born. Even before the breakup, competition was eroding AT&T’s market share. That was thirty years ago. Now there are hundreds of telephone companies providing services utilizing state of the art fiber optic, wireless and satellite technologies.

Welcome to the solar age. The sun shines all over the world and has the potential to create unregulated, independent energy everywhere. Currently electric utilities are in control of the lines of distribution, the cost of electricity and the ability for others to interconnect with “their” electric grid.

Modern electric utilities are no different than AT&T was fifty years ago. The solar industry is a growing threat to the monopoly of centralized utility generated electrical power.

It is just a mater of time before the public demands that policies shift and there is a true free market for electricity.

Solar energy will eventually force the electric utility industry to become a team player. The environment and the consumer will benefit with cleaner air and lower costs.

The evolution of decentralize energy is happening before our eyes. Electric utilities will become another monopoly dissolved by the evolution of technology and public policy.