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Sungevity is an alien solar space ship invading our town.

Sungevity is spending an estimated $250,000 in advertising in Los Angeles this month. They are like aliens flying their space ship over Los Angeles and sucking the solar rebate money out of LADWP before they fly away and raid another city.

There is only enough money for an estimated 700 residential solar installations in Los Angeles before the solar program runs out of money and shuts down till July of 2012. Already there are over 300 solar applications filed with LADWP. That leaves enough money for 500 lucky homeowners.

We estimate the money will run out by November. So for the next eight months – no new solar sales or installations will take place in Los Angeles. Since all rebate reservations need to be permitted within 60 days or they will expire, it will be a gold rush to get all the paperwork done. Sungevity has no staff to speak of in Los Angeles. They out source all the work including the installations. Who are they going to hire? New unqualified workers that will then be out of work in two months!

This is not a sustainable solar business plan for Los Angeles. This is a money grab at the expense of local businesses. When Sungevity leaves town – who provides the customer service on the cheap solar panels they install?

Solar Forward has 30 years of experience and we install quality Sunpower products – the most powerful solar panel in the world. We are a local business with solid relationships with LADWP, LADBS and 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is a sustainable business with employees we don’t have to lay off.

Investment bankers masquerading as solar contractors need to have their cloaked spaceships shot down and treated like the alien invaders that they are.

The solar business has become the wildwest. Support your local solar installer. We live here and we will still be here after the alien space ship crashes.