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Solar Forward, based in Santa Monica, has been installing solar panels since 2005.

At its core, Solar Forward is driven by environmentalist principles.  Yes, we love to save our clients money and keep ourselves afloat, but the company was founded out of a desire to preserve and better the world around us.

Before establishing Solar Forward in 2005, Mark Smith was educated by one of the first environmentalists to warn of global warming, Barry Commoner.  Commoner was essential to the environmentalist vanguard of the 1950’s and beyond, advocating for now common ideas like recycling, bans on nuclear atmospheric testing, organic farming, and renewable energy.

Today, American electricity consumption has climbed steadily since the 1960’s.  Since the majority of this energy comes from greenhouse gas emitting fuels like coal and natural gas, this upward trajectory is undeniably dangerous.

With iPhone 5 sales surpassing 5 million in 3 days, curtailing energy consumption seems like a losing proposition.  While energy conserving efforts are important, they alone won’t keep our planet from melting.  What we must shift are the sources that keep us powered.

Each solar system we install moves us one step further away from damaging fossil fuels, which is why we like to say we’re, “Saving the planet, one solar system at a time!”

Many of our clients are also environmentalists.  Others are not.  Either way, we are grateful to you all for making the decision to power with the sun.  Forward!