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Solar Forward
supports starting the LADWP solar program as it is proposed in two weeks – we all want a sustainable solar business in Los Angeles.
LA residents are eager to go solar but are handcuffed by the rebate programs roller coaster ride.
Some greedy solar leasing companies want to take LADWP’s rebate money and move it to their bank account as fast as possible, as easily as possible. They are able get double dip on the tax breaks compared to the average consumer and the federal government ends up picking up the tab. Why do they want LADWP to pay for a cheaper solar system owned by an out of state banker?

The bottom line is the solar business will continue to be successful here in Los Angeles based on the solar program that LADWP has presented to the the people of Los Angeles.
We even recommended making the rebates 10% lower to stretch the funding even further and help avoid another shutdown.

Of course, everyone would like more money in the solar program but we know that the funding is limited at this time.

The real story is we can sell a leased solar system (with the new lower rebate levels) and still make it work! Sunpower has a great product! So the old school solar lease companies need to stop crying.

Please do not delay in restarting this solar program. It may not be perfect, but we feel that LADWP has made an honest attempt to improve and streamline the program and we can and will make it work.

Any hesitation today will delay the program by at least a month causing more local jobs and income to be lost – and the burning of more coal.

Solar Forward supports working with the proposed LADWP solar program – we have customers that are ready to go solar!
We need to start installing more solar systems in Los Angeles as soon as possible. The greedy bankers can work on a better financial product while we put people to work installing solar systems and stop burning coal.