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Word on the street is the power is out, but here at the Solar Forward office, we had no clue.

At approximately 11:17am this morning, Santa Monica residents in the Sunset Park neighborhood lost power.  At the same moment, Solar Forward’s Outback Power battery back-up system kicked into gear.  The result: seamless transition to back-up power.

No crashed computers.  No waiting around.  No delays to business.

Southern California Edison has yet to determine the cause of the outage.  The number of affected homes is growing, and ETA to restore power is unknown.

How can you make your home immune to the ins and outs of the grid?

Outback Power battery back-up system

Charged by solar, this battery back-up system keeps the Solar Forward office running when the grid goes down.

Solar Forward’s Outback Power battery back-up system

Go solar with battery back-up.

While solar without a back-up system is a great way to save money on your Edison electric bill, and reduce the amount of carbon being spewed into the atmosphere, it won’t keep you running during routine outages or emergencies.

Safety precautions require that when the grid goes down, your solar goes down.  That is – unless have a battery back-up system.

Solar Forward has installed a number of these systems in Santa Monica, leaving signs of activity and light, while the rest of the city sits stalled.

To inquire about solar and/or battery back-up systems, give Solar Forward a call at 310.433.3770.

Watch our battery back-up video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAcbTzQDJLg.