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Edison is stealing from all new solar customers. If you install a new solar system and you generate power – Edison is not giving you credit for three months. Some or our customers are loosing over $1000.
This is unfair and will backfire for Edison. So far the response from Edison has been ” NEM legislation (is) becoming more complex” and “each NEM Package is now reviewed by our Field Engineers (P.E.), which added to the review time.”
These excuses all add up to $ in Edison’s pocket. Edison Field Engineers have no business being involved in a solar installation under 10 Kw. Period. They are not qualified, do not have the staff and have no incentive to do anything in a timely manner. All solar installations pass building and safety inspections. A utility can not justify the need for two inspections. Modern inverters are safe and smarter then the grid – they turn off when the grid goes too high or too low. Anyone who suggests a solar inverter is unsafe is living in the 1970’s – period.
LADWP is in a simular boat with different problems. They are having staffing issues and have no ability to approve and inspect systems over 10 Kw with a staff of four inspectors who do not carry a cell phone or return emails.
The Solar industry is growing. The power companies are unable to keep pace and are doing, what appears to be their best efforts, to slow down the solar industry.
What will it take to teach a utility how to play nice?
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