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Why has Edison allowed their interconnection department to be an obstacle for Solar contractors and clients for over five years? There is obviously no incentive for Edison to allow customers to receive credit for the energy they produce. Why? Money!

It would cost Edison money to improve the interconnection process and cost them money once they fix it and make our mutual clients happy.
Over the past four months Solar Forward has gathered enough information to begin the process of pushing this issue. We have letters and factual data from over ten clients that show huge inconsistencies and lack of customer service for new solar clients.
On average it is taking two to three months for a new solar client to get a meter that goes backwards and for their bill reflect the energy they produce. On average Solar Forward receives twenty emails or phone calls from each Edison client expressing frustration over the interconnection process.
Getting solar energy connected to the grid should be a fun and rewarding process. Instead clients are feeling insulted and ripped off. One client has suggested taking Edison to small claims court. This would be a great first step.