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Utilities melt in the Sun, just like, vampires.

Imagine a new TV show: Those who walk during the day gathering energy from the sun and those who are willing to live forever with policies that keep solar energy in the dark.

A Vampire, by definition, “subsists by feeding on the life essence…of living creatures.”

Most utilities are draining the life essence out of the earth and the people that live here. It is an undisputed fact the process of extracting and burning coal infects the planet with toxins killing human beings.

So, really, it is not much of a leap to think of the three hundred year old coal/utility industry as a vampire. They have very old traditions and the older they get, the stronger they get. But, no vampire is immune to the sun.

Look out vampires, in this reality TV show, the day walkers are bringing you into the sun one solar panel at a time.