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Anyone who has ever used a gas generator knows three things: they are loud, run out of fuel and smell bad.  Often they don’t work when you need them most!

Solar RollerSolar Forward was generating 1,800 Watts all day with this portable and clean SunPower solar system.  Even without sunlight, our Solar Forward Roller will store two kilowatt-hours of energy—enough to watch a flat screen TV for 5 hours!

The cost-savings of using green energy can be huge for industries that rely on portable power.  On remote film shoots, nowhere near grid electricity, video village can run all day long!  Portable solar allows crews to work emission and noise-free, with no hassle.

The Solar Forward roller is perfect for disaster relief energy needs or at outdoor events like concerts and Farmers Markets.

Portable solar is a common-sense solution.

To inquire about renting the Solar Forward Roller, please call 310.433.3770.