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LADWP has been given the go ahead to start the solar program on Sept 1, 2011.

We think this was the right decision. The council made several points that Solar Forward and the Los Angeles solar community will follow up on. We have mutual goals.
It is shocking to me that large solar lease companies were asking for larger amounts of free money. “Install less solar in Los Angeles and put more money in my pocket,” was their business plan.
I hope these companies have a nice flight home. Don’t mess with the Los Angeles based solar community. Did they learn their lesson or will they be back?
We have a Sunpower lease product that works with the reduced rebate. We have a great customer base.
Give us a call and get solar on your roof. The money will run out and the program will shut down again. But at least we are going to start installing and prevent more coal from being burned. We will find more funding and do our best to bring the price down.