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Lee Walker, a solar forward customer, received a notice stating that his system is ready to be turned on.

1) This system, had been installed in February and was inspected and
cleared by building and safety yet it remained turned off until now.

2) Nothing changed between now and the end of February that made the
system “safer”. It simply sat idle not producing clean energy while every
month about 2 tons of coal was being burned to provide energy for Lee’s
home all because DWP has a policy that requires them to inspect every
system themselves.

3) Again this inspection is in addition to building and safeties
inspection. No other utility requires that every system be inspected
twice. Usually every seventh of tenth system is inspected for quality

4) The fact that Lee’s system has now been given approval as well as the
other 200-300 systems that have been waiting, without being “inspected”
contradicts and challenges the very policy that the DWP has followed so
stringently. If the department is willing to allow these systems to be
turned on now without being inspected proves there are flaws in their

regardless of past flaws, we are ecstatic to see all these systems
finally be turned on while the sun is shining the most!