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The mistake of trying to fix fifty year old nuclear technology is going to cost us over $2 billion. That is enough to pay for over 100,000 home solar systems or rebates for 1,000,000 homes that enable a five year break even point. That is more power than San Onofre ever produced in a year.

Nuclear power is toxic forever, a national security risk, and inefficient.  As with any centralized power source, more than 10% of the power produced is lost in the transmission lines before it gets to our homes.

Residential solar power plant

Residential solar power plant

Solar on your roof is safe, clean, nontoxic, and decentralized.  The power you produce on your home is consumed on site or next door.  There is no transmission loss.  There is no risk to the Earth and no risk of terrorism or nuclear meltdown.  Solar power maintenance is simple, without risk of radiation, cancer or contaminating thousands of square miles.

Beware the atom, embrace the sun!