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· Los Angeles-based solar companies and LADWP customers overwhelmingly want the solar incentive program (SIP) restarted on September 1, 2011.

· The revised LADWP solar program is a fair and workable plan that will allow Los Angeles-based solar businesses to continue selling and installing solar systems for Los Angeles homeowners and businesses.

· The lower proposed rebate levels extend the limited program funding allowing more solar systems to be installed. This enables a sustained solar business to flourish in Los Angeles.

· We have a lease product that works with the proposed program, now. This gives all consumers equal access to a solar powered home.

· The mega Solar leasing companies with huge overhead and overblown advertising budgets want to take a larger chunk of LADWP’s rebate money and spend it on fewer solar systems. This helps their profit margin, not the people of Los Angeles.

· Our employees want us to run a business that keeps them working. Los Angelinos are eager to invest in solar systems. Restarting the program now will maintain the health of local businesses, keep consumers happy and help LADWP meet its solar program goals.

· Any further program delays will cause more local jobs and income to be lost while we burn more coal.