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As a company with extensive experience in the solar industry, Solar Forward often takes on unusual or challenging projects.  Today’s challenge: repairing a mobile, solar-powered emergency response unit for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Solar panel will power this mobile response unit

During times of disaster, this command post will be deployed to coordinate disaster response efforts. Solar panels and battery back-up will keep the unit powered.

Solar Forward crew installs a solar panel

Solar Forward crew installs a solar panel on a mobile command post. When the sun is shining, the panel will charge the battery and provide power to the unit.

Following major disasters, government organizations and non-profits will set up incident command posts to coordinate emergency responders.  Power will be critical for these command posts, as they will be communicating with everyone from Red Cross shelter managers to the Los Angeles Emergency Operation Center.

The command post featured in the photo above will allow the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to provide essential services when the community needs them most.  Using solar power to operate the unit makes much more sense than a traditional gas generator, which relies on fuel that will be in short supply after a disaster.  Furthermore, solar power is silent and emits no toxic fumes.

When it comes to keeping your home or business online post-disaster, solar with a battery back-up system is a great option.  For questions about sustainable back-up solutions, contact Solar Forward at 310.433.3770.