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The act that granted the right to interconnect solar systems with the power grid is called PURPA.  It was passed by Congress in 1978.

Solar Forward installed its first grid-tied solar system in Los Angeles in 2005.

Solar is not new.  So why now, in 2012, do utility companies still struggle with its implementation?

The issue is not demand.  Californians thirst for more solar.  In July alone, over 600 solar rebate applications were submitted to LADWP.

During a summer which may be the hottest ever on record, installation of solar panels must be a priority.  President Obama gets it.

At Solar Forward, much of our summer has been spent speaking with new clients who are exasperated that their homes are still powered by coal.  “We’re really sorry, LADWP has not processed your rebate application.”  “We’re really sorry, we don’t know when LADWP will be out to inspect your system.”

It seems no amount of anger or frustration penetrates the antiquated walls of LADWP.

Out in Northridge where the daily temperature this month will average around 97 degrees, one of our clients has been waiting for a LADWP inspection for 6 weeks.  And counting.

In Tarzana, another client has waited months to install his 18 kW solar system.  He rightly wonders why systems like his, which would take a much needed burden off the grid, are not rushed through LADWP’s solar program.

In a world where most people who fail at their jobs are fired, LADWP gets a pass.  Los Angeles homeowners are left with high electricity bills, and polluted skies.