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RE; RES # 1065430
Muhl 13858 Weddington St

This job has been in the hands of LADWP since 2010. The job passed LADBS final in March 2011.
The paperwork has been lost by three departments at various stages and now it seems to be lost again. This seems to be an issue with jobs over 10 Kw.
We are willing to do anything possible to enable the completion of the ESR process but we can’t get anything done when there is a total lack of communication. We can not fax a 11×14 sheet and we have been advised in the past that 8 x 10’s are not acceptable. This paperwork was submitted and approved, for the second time in the spring. This would be the third review of the paperwork.
Andrew Hoesly has been attempting to resolve this for two weeks and has spent over 15 hours restarting an inspection request – after I was informed it was inspected five months ago.
The Muhl family deserves decent service and we are doing our best to provide it. I fail to see how a third submittal of the paperwork via fax, is going to resolve anything.
We need prompt email communication and confirmation that the requirements have been met. And we need cell phone numbers for inspectors that only return calls in the early morning – if they have time. This just drags things on for days, weeks or months.
The appearance is that there is no oversight and no concern for the time line that clients and contractors are forced to deal with.
I look forward to suggestions and a completion of this interconnection approval.

Mark Smith