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Dear Solar Forward and Sunpower customers,

Southern California Edison has proactively and without notifying Solar Forward or Sunpower mailed out a Safety Notice highlighting an inverter recall.


We have contacted the two Edison customers who have these inverters.

Of the over five hundred inverters we have installed, only five fall under this recall. Unfortunately, Edison has sent out a mass mailing that is creating some confusion for solar electric customers.

The only inverter affected is the model manufactured by Xantrex.

PV Power and SMA inverters made for Sunpower are a completely different design by a different manufacturer. These inverters are nearly bullet proof and we have had less than a .5% failure rate over five years.

Thank you for being a Solar Forward customer and if you have questions please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to providing energy solutions for you, your family and friends for decades to come.


Mark Smith

CEO Solar Forward