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In all honesty this is turning into a case of the gang that can’t shoot straight.

Out of the blue and without consulting the solar industry, Edison is asking for a NEW single line diagram that is different from the diagram used by Building and Safety. This doubles the work for solar contractors.

And they want a solar contractor to meet them at the solar installation for a very silly inspection that is the same as checking to see if your car starts by itself with the key out.

And they want to keep the solar system off line for a month till they get around to inspecting 70% of the solar installs…. the other 30% are ok??? All solar systems have already passed building and safety inspection. These inspectors have more experience that any of Edison’s inspectors inspecting solar systems.

And after inspection and everything checks out – Edison wants to keep the solar system off till the “paperwork is processed and permission to operate is given in two or three days.” So they want us to keep it off till a high priest at Edison blesses the paperwork?

This is an effort to make more money and waste energy. This will cost Edison, clients and the industry over $1000 per job.

Today on a job site I met an Edison employee who was nice, but ineffective.

The entire inspection took ten minutes and only confirmed that a state of the art inverter is working normally. If you set your microwave for one minute, does it stay on.

In the list below there are items that have never been requested by Edison in the ten years I have been installing solar systems.

We need to clear up this radical change in policy that only adds work and accomplishes nothing more.

I also learned that there is a back log of over 2000 applications in the interconnection department. This is not an easy fix.

Please feel free to contact me – no one in the solar industry or any Edison client should accept this new effort to slow down and confuse the safety of a solar installation.