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Maybe. Or for sure, depends on your point of view and who is wining and who is losing. Solar is a great investment for anyone, but if the solar panels are 40% less in price and the quality is 25% less – China is going to be competitive in the market place.
We don’t install the cheaper panels since there is not enough room on most roofs to make enough energy with the less efficient solar panels. We use Sunpower products on all residential jobs. Sunpower is the most powerful solar panel in the market. For us it only pays to use made in China panels on commercial jobs where space is not limited and a name brand is not as important.
This issue is not going away since their is a good possibility of an over abundance of made in China panels for the next year or two. As solar panel factories go out of business, there will be dumping of products and prices may drop for the short term.
Welcome to the wild west of Solar!