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With Warren Buffet’s recent purchase of two major SunPower plants, the world is learning what we have long known: SunPower is the best.  As SunPower share prices jumped 41%, chronic skeptics changed their tune.  Those who invested early, aware of the company’s strengths, basked in the glory of being a winner.

When you install SunPower on your home, you are choosing the most advanced and most reliable technology available in solar.  SunPower solar panels will be on your roof longer than the 18 years your children will be under it.  With this type of commitment, quality is key.

SunPower solar panels installed in Santa Monica

Brian takes in the sun with the newly installed SunPower solar system in Santa Monica. These solar arrays will significantly reduce electricity costs for this business.

From the time SunPower first offered its products to installers, Solar Forward has been on board.  And since that time, with hundreds of installations to our name, not a single panel has failed.  In fact, the odds of that happening are 39,000 to 1.  Fact.

Then there’s the warranty.  Unlike warranties on standard Chinese panels that guarantee about 80% of power output after 20 years, SunPower guarantees at least 87% of power output after 25 years.  This deal is sweetened when you consider SunPower panels start at 20% efficiency, as compared to the 15% efficiency found in most traditional panels.  Furthermore, this warranty is given real meaning by SunPower’s strong balance sheet.

In 2013, we expect to see major consolidation of Chinese solar manufacturers.  Massive debt has led to poor balance sheets, weary investors, and uncertain futures.  Thanks to a strong product and prudent management, SunPower remains strong – even thriving – in this unstable environment.

So, yeah, I guess you could say we’re proud to be an Elite SunPower Dealer.