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California Will Suffer 62% Energy Loss on Aug. 21st. We need your help!


We have partnered with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to educate our customers and social media followers on the effect of the upcoming Eclipse on solar power generation.

The solar eclipse is expected to reduce solar radiation by around 62% in Southern California.

On August 21st, our nation will experience a rare coast-to-coast total eclipse. For the first time in 99 years the moon will pass directly between the Sun and Earth, causing the moon’s shadow to traverse the earth. Known as the Great American Eclipse, this event will sweep the nation from the Pacific to the Atlantic.


For the residents of Los Angeles, this phenomenon will occur in the morning. At around 9:05 am, we will see the moon begin to edge into the disk of the sun. At 10:21 am, we will experience our maximum eclipse. The eclipse will end by 11:45 am. The occasion promises to be fascinating and memorable, but it begs the question: how will it affect our solar power output in California?

California’s grid operator estimated the eclipse would boost its net demand by 6,000 megawatts (Source: CAISO).

The solar eclipse is expected to reduce solar radiation by around 62% in Southern California, beginning at 9:00 am. In the darkest hour of the eclipse, Southern California will experience a reduction of 5,600 MW in power generation. Solar production will return to 9,000 MW after the eclipse at 12:00 pm [1]

Solar power can account for as much as 40% of power generation in California. Power experts estimate that as much as two-thirds of solar power will be lost during the eclipse. This will make the grid more dependent on generation from natural gas, coal and hydroelectric plants, disturbing the power equilibrium already in place.


You can do your part for the energy grid by following the advice below to cut power consumption at home. If everyone is mindful of their energy consumption, we can avoid a shortage in energy supply, and our reliance on the dirty, non-renewable energy generated by natural gas and coal plants.


Follow these steps on the right to become a Solar Eclipse savior!

For more information and to ‘Take the pledge’, visit https://ia.cpuc.ca.gov/caleclipse/index.html

Eclipse maps can be found at: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/eclipse-maps


Happy Solar Eclipse Day 2017!


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